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Your top employee

TruckTrack doesn't mind working overtime, won't ask you for a raise, doesn't go on holidays and works for you as hard as you want. Here's what it does for you:

Keeps you on top of loads

TruckTrack offers a very simple and clear way to keep track of all the loads you're dispatching.

Put a load in the system in less than a minute, set the status of a load (dispatched, awaiting paperwork, invoiced) and have a clear overview of all the loads you're currently handling.

Search and find all info on any load in just a few clicks.

All broker info in one place

Easily maintain all important contact info about all your brokers.

See which loads you did with which company, who gives you the best and most profitable jobs, which payment terms you can get with which broker.

Attach important documents to broker profiles to avoid the chaos of a paper-ridden office.

Professional invoices

Once you've put in all the info of a load and it's ready to be invoiced, TruckTrack will create an invoice for you with just one click and let you download, print or email it. Accessories are automatically transferred to an invoice.

TruckTrack has a beautiful and clear invoicing template that will present your company professionally to your clients.

The software will alert you whenever there is an invoice that is past due and make it easy to find the one you’re after.

Statements, too

Easily create statements for your drivers and your owners — automatically calculate how much money they should gate whether you pay them per mile (miles are automatically entered) or take a percentage off the fright amount.

Accessories are also automatically entered into your payroll statements and the payment is calculated for you.

Safety and other info on drivers and vehicles

Have all the important info on your drivers easily available to you at any time.

Make sure that your drivers never go out with an expired CDL, Medical or a TWIC card. TruckTrack will alert you before any of these should be renewed.

As with vehicles, you can add notes and attach important documents to drivers' profile pages.

Critical alerts

TruckTrack will alert you whenever there's an important event down the road, whether it's an overdue invoice, annual inspection coming up or CDL up for renewal. This way it doesn't let you go in the red or get in trouble.

These alerts show visibly in TruckTrack, and can be sent by text and email as well.

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